‘A master of historical narrative’ - Sunday Times

Giles Milton is the internationally best-selling author of eight works of popular history, including Nathaniel’s NutmegHis books have been translated into twenty languages. They are all available in print format and as e-books, in UK and US editions.

Milton's book White Gold - the story of the white slave trade - is currently being piloted as a major 10-part Channel 4 series. His debut thriller, The Perfect Corpse, will be published on 2 September.


When a frozen corpse is found in the Greenland ice, forensic archaeologist Jack Raven is hired to investigate. He is suspicious from the outset. The corpse is not only naked, but in an absolutely pristine state.

The body belongs to an American serviceman named Ferris Clark, or so Jack is told. But as he unravels the mystery of Ferris’s final hours, he discovers a far more sinister story. He also finds himself caught in a race against time. There is a murderer on the loose and Jack alone can stop the killings. But first he must solve the greatest riddle of all. How did Ferris Clark die? And why?

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