Zebedee's Zoo

Zebedee's Zoo

I originally wrote Zebedee's Zoo for my young daughters. 

It was inspired by a trip to Singapore zoo which is only open at night, when animals are at their most active.

It made me think of the animals in London Zoo. What, I wondered, did they get up to at night, when all the visitors had left...

Zebedee's Zoo: Reviews

Keith Dudhnath, reviewing the book for www.thebookbag.co.uk said: 'I really enjoyedZebedee's Zoo
'It's great fun to see how the animals get one over on their keeper, and the party is bubbly and energetic, as parties always are . . .

'The change of pace from sleep to awake will bring even the youngest of children in on the joke. Everyone will wish they were sucking up a bowlful of strawberry jelly, just like the gorilla. It's exciting, engaging and bristling with humour . . .'There are strong rhymes throughout, which makes it perfect for reading aloud. Throw in a few animal noises here and there, and Zebedee's Zoo will be a much-loved favourite that they'll want you to read again and again. 

The Bookseller said: 'Giles Milton's first children's book is a winner.' 

The Bookseller's Childrens Buyers Guide said: 'Giles Milton’s first children’s book is a winner! It’s fun to read aloud, bursts with colour and describes how at night the zoo animals come to life to party. A great joke on the keeper that kids will love.'

The Cork Evening Echo called it 'a riot of a picture book' while Nursery World said: 'Children will love the humour, pace and variety within this story.' The Daily Echo called it 'great read-aloud prose.'