'Idiosyncratic and utterly fascinating.'  Daily Mail.

Wolfram is the story of the Third Reich as seen through German eyes. It examines how one eccentric German family - who despised Hitler from the outset - survived the daily horrors of Nazi Germany.  

At the heart of the book is a moral dilemma that will strike a chord with every reader: how much should one compromise one's ideals when living in a brutal dictatorship?

Wolfram was nine when Hitler came to power and 21 when the Second World War ended. He was to experience the rise and fall of the Third Reich, from the earliest street marches to the final defeat of the Nazi regime. Conscripted into Hitler's army, he was to witness first hand the brutality of war - first on the Russian front and then on the Normandy beaches. 

Wolfram: The Boy Who Went to War offers a new and different perspective on the horrors of the Nazi regime. 

'Idiosyncratic and utterly fascinating... an extraordinary tale of hardship, horror and amazing good fortune' 
                                                                                                  James Delingpole, The Daily Mail

'Engaging, page-turning and thought-provoking... a fascinating subject' 
                                                                               Victoria Hislop

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