The Mail on Sunday's Thriller of the Week: The Perfect Corpse

"My latest book will appeal to all who've enjoyed my history books. The Perfect Corpse is an historical mystery with an unsolved crime at its heart."

Forensic archaeologist Jack Raven is called in to investigate the discovery of a Second World War serviceman found entombed in the Greenland ice. Who is he? And how die he die?

As Jack sets to work, he uncovers a deeply sinister tale from the heart of the Third Reich. It’s a tale that hasn’t quite run its course. For in a secret laboratory in Nevada, a team of scientists are at work…

Inspired by the true story of Greenland’s army in World War Two - and with a historical twist in the tale - the book is for all those who like their history served with attitude." 

The Perfect Corpse is available from Amazon|Waterstones|Foyles| Blackwells| WHSmith|

To sample the prologue and opening chapter, please click here.

Some of the five star reviews on Amazon:

‘Gripping, page-turning stuff... A great historian having fun and pulling it off with style and panache... A cracking read - and plenty of potential for a sequel or even a series... The Perfect Corpse is a perfect thriller... Meticulously researched and tightly constructed... A must read... A perfect page-turner. I read it on a hot beach and it made me shiver... Not to be missed... Very gripping story and difficult to put down - really enjoyed it.'