It is spring, 1585, and four English children are setting off on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

Two sisters and two brothers, aged between 9 and 13, are taking part in an historic mission to colonise the New World. Together, they will experience the brutal realities of building a new life in a land that is already inhabited.

On arriving, the children befriend two native girls, Keetam and Oakee, and start learning the strange new language. Soon, the children become the only means by which the grown ups can communicate with Chief Wingina and his tribe.

When the colonists’ evil leader, Master Ralph, leads an attack on the native Indians, Wingina has his brutal revenge. He destroys the English settlement, captures all the adults and holds them prisoner. Only the children escape. Suddenly, the four youngsters have to learn how to survive in the wild.

Their goal is to rescue the grown ups. But further disaster stands in their way. First, Eliza is kidnapped by the Indians. Soon after, John is also captured. They are tied to a stake and await an unknown fate.

But John has a trick up his sleeve. The Indians have long believed that his compass has magical powers. Now, with pluck and daring, John uses a series of dazzling tricks in order to gain his and Eliza’s release.

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'A great book... words that charm, pictures that enchant - the perfect combination for a picture story book.' Derek Niemann, RSPB
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Call Me Gorgeous has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Prize, 2010, selected as a Bookstart title, 2010 and selected as a Bookbuzz title, 2012. To buy the book click here.

The animals in Zebedee's Zoo may not seem a very lively bunch, but at the end of the day, everything changes. Suddenly it's party time at the animal park and there's some riotous animal fun. To buy the book click here